Tips for Email Marketing

I thought I would write my first post about email marketing. I have heard that this is one of the most successful ways to create revenue for your blog. What I want to bring to light are the mistakes the newbies make and through what I have read from of e-books, books and blogs.  Here are the ones I thought were important to know:

  1. Recommending a product or service—First and foremost, if you are going to recommend a product or service using email marketing, make sure you have tried that product or service.  You should be able to show proof of purchase of that product or service and you believe in your investment. Do not recommend something just for the sell; after a while your readers will see right through that and they will not come back.
  2. Sending uninvited messages—Do not send uninvited messages. They need to have received a confirmation request and confirmed that confirmation. If you are sending a message to customers who did not subscribe to it, you are spamming; which in turn will give your website/blog a bad name. Make sure you respect your readers and they in turn will respect you.
  3. Segmentation and Personalization—Segmentation is discovering groups of individuals with a common, set of features, interests, common beliefs, etc. Personalization, is about tailoring highly relevant content at a personal level. Basically stating: segmentation is sending a message to a specific group of customers, while personalization is sending a message to an individual customer. Do not send a blanket email to all of your customers, instead section your customer base by who they are: a hot or cold lead, a potential prospect, their specific interests, etc.
  4. Use your personality and voice—Be Yourself. This will get your message read. The biggest email marketing mistake is not letting their own personality shine through. The whole reason they came to your blog in the first place is because they liked what you are doing, your point of view, your voice. The way you do things is not the same as everyone else.
  5. Catchy Subject Line—This will get the email opened. A good, catchy subject line will draw a reader into the email itself. Boring subject lines often result in readers deleting the email or simply skipping over it to get to more important things. Give your subject lines some jazz, draw their attention to why they should read your email.
  6. Email Content—This deepens your relationship with your readers. By delivering quality content your readers will enjoy and will want them to share it with others. This will also increase your readers and revenue. Also keep it short and get to the point. Long emails will slaughter your readers interest.

These are a few of the lessons I am learning as I grow with my blog. If you want your readers to look forward to your emails, consider behaving more like a friend. Write your blog as your writing to your friend. Friends trust friends.



4 thoughts on “Tips for Email Marketing

  1. Usually what leads me to read an email that sells me something is not only a catchy title in the front of the email with a unique font, but an array of attractive images that have professional quality. 🙂


    1. First thanks for compliment and thank you for the suggestion of the array of images to use. Starting out with my first blog can be somewhat of a learning curve. Any tips from your readers will help immensely.


  2. Great blog Pablo, I am really enjoying it.
    I like your tips because before being someone who is planning to use email marketing, I am an email user who does not like to receive emails from business I did not subscribe to, and in my opinion, a simple subject line can determinate the success or failure of a campaign.
    Congratulations again and keep up the good work.


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