Position yourself as a Leader

I’ve been reading Social Media Made Me Rich, by Mathew Loop. Here is a man that started with no knowledge on internet marketing and built an empire of internet business, consisting of e-books, online courses, DVD training, memberships sites, consulting and coaching programs, software and iPhone applications, and of course much more. His book has given us a blueprint of comprehensive resources that helps us achieve our goals on the internet and social media.

Though I have read about 3/4 of the book, the one thing that stood out early in the reading was to “Position Yourself as a Leader”.  Here are some steps to be a leader in your field:

“There is not passion to be found in playing small, in settling for a life that
is less than the one you are capable of living”
Nelson Mandela


“To Think What You Want is to Think Truth Regardless of Appearances”
                                                                                                      Wallace Wattles

  1. Tell your story: Stories are very powerful and connect us to the real world and they tend to stick in our minds. I myself remember a story that my dad told me when I was young. How he invited a friend from work for dinner. His friend was of a different ethnic background and he didn’t understand or speak Spanish. Now remember this is about 1940s and those were different times, when Spanish was not understood or spoken as much as it is today. His friend wanted to thank my mom for dinner and asked my dad how to say thank you in Spanish. Well, if you knew my dad, he was a jokester, and he told him the way to say thank you  was “más frijoles” which means in English, “more beans”. So there goes my mom giving him more beans. This went on for a couple of times until his buddy figured it out. If you come across as empathetic, people will bond with you faster because you’ll appear more believable.
  2. Add credibility social signals to your website: He recommends that your like buttons be on the very top right. This is to create a social proof and manage perception. When a new visitor comes to your website and see 500 likes on your Facebook, it tells them that a lot of other people were here. You also seem more popular, which will keep visitors on your page longer and most likely to come back.
  3. Manage your Reputation: Reputation is currency, it can either make you or break you online. You should be starting to conduct google searches at least for starters once a month in regards to your blog or your name. You should be proactive and stack the chips in your favor. Our mission is to stand out from the crowd, to take care of our reputation, and build a solid reader/ customer base.
  4. Control External/Internal Programming: One of my favorite books is 7 Steps to Highly Successful People by Stephen Covey. The one thing that stood out was “Never let anyone dictate your emotions”. You control your day and your universe all by the way you program yourself. The one thing I practice consistently is the use of positive affirmations. It is so basic but works by consistent repetition. Think about it, from TV, family, friends, radio, internet, news, political, ethnic background, etc., those beliefs may not be as beneficial as one may think. Often times these paradigms are passed down from the time we are born. From our family, friends, and social media agents can play a large part in shaping our beliefs. Several times a day, you need to retrain your mind to focus on those things that will help you meet your goal. One method used is card affirmation. You carry a card with a positive affirmation to help you reach your goal. Put it on your key chain, so each time you reach for your keys, you will look and read the card.
  5. Set a BIG Clear Goal: Go for what you really want and NOT what you just think you can get. Break down your goals, what it will take to achieve them, track your goals, acknowledge your weakness, be accountable, and most importantly just have fun.


Everything starts with your belief in yourself. It is not what you do that determines your success, but how you do it. You must control your internal and external programming. This takes a conscious daily effort to master. However, a new habit will start forming and you’ll already start thinking big in all aspects of your life.



One thought on “Position yourself as a Leader

  1. Great blog, Pablo. As soon as I landed and saw your visuals across the top, I was engaged. I like your clean format, your integration of visuals throughout your post, and your use of quotes in different colors and italics. Nice graphical look. Then you have your numbered recommendations for how to position yourself as a leader. The format and the content were both very engaging. I’m subscribing on my RSS feed and look forward to reading the rest of your posts and following future ones. Thanks! Cindy CS5711


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