What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is a method that helps you market your products or services with Google Search Engine, with the use of text ads. I think it as, “you can pay to show up at the top of the search”.  Anytime you search for something online you’ll see the first three links that show up are usually sponsored ads. See example below:

2017-04-30 12_20_01-online dating sites - Google Search
Courtesy of Google

This is called pay per click (PPC), because anytime someone clicks on your ad, you get charged. Those ads then get placed on those websites that are applicable to what you are selling. The average cost per click, depending on the market, usually the PPC target is about 2 to 5 dollars. It is also not just about the money. Google also has quality scores based on keywords that you’re advertising for. So, if you have a low QS (Quality Scores), they usually won’t show your ads at all. You can learn more about Quality Scores at this link: https://support.google.com/adwords.

Courtesy of Pixabay

Google is not our friend. Google is a predator and they don’t give a crap about the small blogs or businesses. Google can bully the little guys with their high PPC and how they manage the AdWords. For example, a chiropractor sets up a sponsored ad because she  wants to get her message out and not long after her AdWords account is shut down. Poof! all gone. No warning, no chance to correct the mistake you made as a beginner. You play by their rules knowing they can change them anytime they want.

Courtesy of Pixabay

Can you have a successful AdWords campaign? yes, but I am sure it depends on what you are comfortable spending to acquire customers.  You must really focus on your return on investment, (ROI). If you compare your Google PPC to Facebook PPC, there is no comparison. Facebook has the better PPC and ROI for bloggers like us.

That is why our marketing effort is building relationships and creating a large email base. This is something Google can’t take away from us. When you build trust and strong customer service, you build long term relationships.


2 thoughts on “What is Google Adwords?

  1. I did not know about Google having a quality score based on the keywords you use. I feel like that is comparable to having a credit score and they probably implement it much like a credit score- it can benefit you if you have a lot of money, though not so useful to someone just starting out. I think search engine optimization is wonderful, but it can be quite expensive. That’s why I really like hashtags, because it helps direct people to your content for free. 🙂


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