Twitter, the Misunderstood

I opened Twitter about three years ago and posted only one time. It was something I had a hard time understanding and using. I did not see the benefits of using it. Just in the past few weeks I have started using and trying to understand it. Since, then I’ve been on a rampage of reading Social Media books this past year, and I have learned a lot about Twitter.

Courtesy of Pixabay

I think Twitter is the most misunderstood of social media. It is easier than Facebook, but not used or not taken seriously. Twitter is classified as micro-blogging, which literally means small blog. You only have 140 characters to speak your mind, so be short, sweet, and to the point.

There are over 500 millions tweets that are sent per day, that’s 35,000 tweets per minute. If you have the right message for the right market it could be the most valuable market tool out there. It has many ways to capitalize the market and audience.

So, once you open an account on twitter, you add your personal profile, including your website or blog. You’ll also upload in image of you and then upload a custom background. In order to get the party started, you’ll want to follow some people that you know, business, or organizations. Once you start following someone you click the home link and a “news feed” will pop up from the people or others that you follow. What should you post? Post links to blogs that you’ve written, links to other helpful content in your industry, inspirational quotes, videos, and your thoughts at that moment.

Here are some steps I wrote down from my readings of social media. There is so much, only using twitter and getting acquainted to it, will open up other possibility’s

  1. Keep in contact with your current followers and customer base. 
  2. Acquire new followers in your related field. 
  3. Search for live , up-to-the-second keywords/topics people are discussing using advance search. 
  4. Take advantage of twitter advertising.
  5. Hold question and answer sessions with your audience, using Hashtags
  6. Tweets 3-5 times per day.
  7. Use (to see the reach of your tweets).

Get your Twitter account going strong and refine your strategy according to what you are learning by just using it. Remember, the way you market is the way your are perceived. Also, don’t forget this is a social media platform, and what do people do on these types of platforms, they get SOCIAL!.


Courtesy of Pixabay




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