Affiliate Marketing Platforms

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is simply earning commission by selling other peoples product. You partner with a company that sells a product or service you like and you make a commission. Those commissions can range from 2% to 70% depending on the product or service and also where you signed up to access that product. Of course you heard of Amazon; however, there are other subsidiary out there I wanted to touch on.

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Amazon: Amazon is probably one of the biggest affiliate marketer out there. You can make a decent income once you built an online presence with Amazon. The only issue I have with Amazon is that they pay about 2-5% commission for becoming an affiliate with them. You would have to sell a lot of products to make a good income. It does give you an online presence when you have links or banners on your blog and it shows some credibility that you are affiliated with Amazon. They are the easiest to use and are very well respected being the largest online retailer in the world.
ClickBank: ClickBank is an affiliate marketing network that promotes others companies products. It is the largest affiliate marketing group out on the internet, and the top 100 online retailers that pays the top commissions, I have seen products on CB as high as 75% commissions. As an affiliate marketer you can use this platform to find all types of products for your type of niche and make money from just adding a link or banner to your blog. There are literally thousands of products to choose from. Keep in mind there are great products and crappy products on ClickBank. So do your homework, find the ones with the best conversion rates. Also, keep in mind the “Gravity Score”, this determines how many sells this product has made in the last twelve weeks. Make sure not to choose a gravity score less than 50. As soon as you find the product you are looking for, you select that product/service, you click on the “promote” button, this will give you a link that contains your referral information. You will use this link to promote that product on your blog or other social media sites and receive a commission from the sell.
Commission Junction: Is basically the exact same platform as ClickBank. They both are competing for being the largest affiliate marketing platform on the internet. The biggest difference between the two is that CJ attracts larger well known advertisers than ClickBank, but because they attract larger, well known advertisers, it is more difficult to get accepted into their affiliate program. If you do get accepted, you still have to be accepted for each individual program you sign up for. So you might get accepted by CJ but it doesn’t mean you’ll be accepted by certain vendors. If your blog is accepted by CJ, it is a great program to join. Take advantage of it and start promoting other companies products or services and hopefully start making an income online.

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Linkshare: Linkshare is an affiliate group like the two above, that connects merchants, companies, and vendors to online affiliate marketers like ourselves with blogs, websites, eCommerce’s and make a commission online. Again, you are give a variety of products or services and then select which ones you want to promote on your website and make a commission online. One of the best benefits on Linkshare is that provides access to merchants like, Dell, Disney, Apple, iTunes, etc. If you want brand recognition, Linkshare is the place to go.
Here are others platforms that have become the popular on the internet today including the ones above. Again, do your homework before signing up with any of them; not all affiliate platforms are created equal.
ShareASale. …                                                                                         
⦁ Amazon Associates. …
⦁ Google Affiliate Network. …
⦁ ClixGalore. …
⦁ …
⦁ MaxBounty….
⦁ NeverBlue….

In order to succeed with Affiliate platforms you need to chose your product carefully and then integrate them to your blog. You also want to pick products that have to do with what you are blogging about. It would be pretty silly that your blog is about training dogs and you have cat food banners on your blog, just because they pay a higher commissions. Does it match the quality and tone of your blog? That is the question.


Courtesy of Pixabay

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