Street Cred

When you are raised out on the streets, hanging out with your “homies”, and doing the things that so called homies do, at some point in your life you get what they call “Street Cred”. You have been around the blocks a few times, you’ve seen things that most young people would never see and you have done things that most people would never do in their life time. You developed these credentials about you that you know your “crap” and people around your “barrio” (neighborhood) respect and admire you. You have done it before, you made through the bad times and you are still standing.

Having Street Cred is important when you live out in the Bronx, East L.A., or the streets of Queens. People listen to ones who have been there before, so  if you really want to grow your influence, you need “Street Cred”. What is Street Cred for bloggers you ask? It is basically guest blogging and it is something you will need as part of your overall strategy. It is an under used strategy for growing your tribe.

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Think of it as musicians collaborating with each other. Remember a few years ago when Paul McCartney and Kanye West band together and wrote a song  called Only One.  Paul McCartney had revealed that he and Kanye West’s “Only One” was inspired by the Beatles’ “Let It Be.” Everyone wanted to hear it and it was the next big thing:  The great Beatle legend with the self proclaimed-greatest rapper! People all over were talking about it, including Oprah Winfrey.

Now let’s relate this to us.

If you are able to land a guest post on a high profile blog in your market, it will grow your audience over night, you start earning your Street Cred. You can literally become famous if you deliver something unique and needed. People were actually tweeting how this would help grow Paul McCartney’s career, but they even saw (even though most of them were to retarded to know who Paul McCartney is) how working with someone who had been there before, would give you success overnight. People can come out of complete obscurity, guest blog on a guru site and become an instant celebrity in that field. If you had a product or service on health, submitted to Dr. Oz website and it got published, it would change your world overnight.

chalkboard whats your story

So here are things to remember when submitting a guest post. 

  1. It builds relationships–Readers are always searching for good content, I know I do. When you get a reputation as a solid guest blogger and they have seen your name on a few other blogs, that is when you will quickly build a rapport and trust from your readers. You also build a bond from your new “blogger friends”, the ones you are guest writing for, who have large communities online, these are the people who also love Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., which would give you a tremendous amount of traffic.
  2. It is great for search engines–Again, you have heard before, search engines love new content. It is the one main factor that plays well into their spider bots. They look for new content. If your site is consistently generating new content by your own post, guest blogs, social media content, search engines are going to love you.
  3. You get your message to new crowd. The best part of guest blogging is, it gets your foot in the door with new communities. You are able to share your message to a brand new crowd, who also have communities. If you provide value and help people get what they want, with quality content, marketing and everything else you are learning, you will meet your goal.

What is the best way to find guest blogging opportunities?


Well first, there are few questions you need to ask yourself?

  • Is the content of the site you are researching, focused on your niche?
  • Is the audience the right audience?
  • Does the community engage frequently and share content?
  • Is the owner of the website active on social media?

One of the easiest ways to find other websites that accept guest blog posts is by using Google. Search these terms below with and without quotation marks around the words. Replace the (keyword) you see with the keywords from your topic.

  • “(keyword) guest blog”
  • “(keyword) guest post”
  • “(keyword) guest post guidelines”
  • “(keyword) guest post submissions”
  • “(keyword) submit guest post”
  • “(keyword) submit article”
  • “(keyword) guest article”

Most bloggers share their post/content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc., and in my opinion Twitter is the easiest and fastest one to search. So next time you are on Twitter, just type in “(keyword) guest post” in the search bar. From there, Twitter will populate the latest tweets about guest blogs in your market place. From there follow the links to see if those sites are accepting more guest bloggers.

Additional resources are:

The last few things here:

  • Format your blog like the other post on their websites
  • It is all about the reader.
  • Include a call action to stimulate engagement-spark discussion
  • Include a couple of internal links back to your previous post on your blog–Get people to start reading your blog

Again I hope this helps in some small way, I know it has helped me tremendously.
Just remember, if you don’t take chances in life, you will never find out who you are.



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