Hello and welcome to Blitz your Blog. Blitz your Blog is dedicated to bringing you trustworthy information, lessons and video tutorials to assist you in learning how to monetize your blog. There are many ways one can engage in internet marketing, depending on the product or service you are trying to promote and it’s always nice to have a nice variety of marketing strategies to ensure that you would be able to cover a wide range of methods help you bring in traffic and monetize your blog.

I myself am in the learning period, so this blog will show my success as well as my failures. What is working for me and what isn’t, what tools I’m using and what software’s I am purchasing. The web can be used as a powerful tool in many different ways to promote your website/blog and reach a global audience. It takes time and patience.

So I decided to start with a handful of methods that I am using and learning to bring traffic to my blog. As they say building the blog is easy getting consistent readers is a different story. Here is a small list that we will start with and focus on to help us with our journey as bloggers. In order to make money online you need to bring traffic to your website/blog. Building traffic takes time and consistency from you. I have worked in the medical device industry for the last twenty years and one thing I realized is once you learned the process you can be successful in your job. It take time and practice, just like learning music, once you learn it sounds beautiful.

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